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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Metal Building Resources construct the entire project?

Essentially, yes.  We can help with the design, source the building, do the site work preparation, pour the concrete slab and foundation, erect the building, install the roofing and siding, and install the insulation.  We call this stage of the building “dried in”.  Unless otherwise stated on the estimate, all other construction needs would be done by a different contractor.

Why use a prefabricated metal building kit for your home/commercial building?

Metal buildings are strong, are installed quickly, are non-combustible, and often have a 40+ year structural warranty from the manufacturer.

How long does it take until my metal building is delivered?

We currently estimate 2-4 months from the time of ordering the building to delivery of the building.

Do you offer design services for the construction if needed?

Yes, we have several architectural designers that can help design your project and also complete colored renderings if needed/desired.

Do you offer financing?

We can connect you with a lender that offers financing depending on the project type and the borrower's qualifications.

Can you help us with buying the lands as well?

Yes, we are happy to introduce you to our preferred real estate agent.  They are familiar with what we build and can be your expert as you look for land.

Where can I build my metal building?

You can build a building with metal construction anywhere geographically, but you will need to check local codes to verify their requirements for the building construction and location.

What areas do you serve?

We design and construct metal buildings across the United States.

Do you have a selection of options we can choose from the build? (Mainly exterior).

We can really do whatever finishes you want to do. We quote basic ribbed metal siding and roofing but you can install any sort of siding or roofing you want, there would just be a cost difference. Once we have a floor plan and more details, then we can start getting solid estimates for each part of the project.

Does the estimate include hooking up to utilities and septic systems?

It does not include running utilities to the home and does not include connecting or installing the well and septic system.  Each area has slightly different pricing which makes it hard for us to estimate.

Still have a question? Contact us now and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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