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Johnny Brokken
Founder and CEO

Johnny Brokken is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background in architecture, real estate investing, and construction. His innovative designs and expert understanding of client needs consistently deliver exceptional architectural solutions. Additionally, his keen business acumen and strategic investments have positioned him as a trusted authority in the real estate industry.
Furthermore, Johnny’s heartfelt commitment to serving his clients and making a positive impact in his community sets him apart.
He is an active member of his local Rotary club, where he actively participates in various philanthropic initiatives. With his unwavering drive for excellence and a passion for creating a better world, he continues to leave a lasting impression in his industries and the communities he serves.


Mira Beshay
Executive Assistant

Mira, the dynamic force fueling our company. With a commendable track record as an Executive Assistant for two years and extensive customer support expertise spanning three years, Mira’s commitment to delivering unparalleled client experiences knows no bounds.
Also Known as the “right-hand girl” around here, she spearheads the creation of streamlined systems and processes, ensuring operational efficiency for both our team and valued clients. Moreover, Mira’s unwavering support for our CEO, Johnny, serves as the backbone of our organization, as she oversees all aspects of our company. Fuelled by a passion for excellence, a caring nature, and an endless well of creative ideas, Mira continuously endeavors to push boundaries, foster business growth, and leave an indelible mark on our clients’ journey.

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Andres Melgar
Lead Architect

Andres, our Architect, is a talented professional with a passion for creating exceptional spaces. With his expertise in architecture and project management, he brings ideas to life while ensuring smooth execution. Andres’s attention to detail and dedication to quality result in outstanding projects. His collaborative approach and effective communication skills make him a valued team member. From concept to completion, Andres is committed to delivering remarkable architectural solutions.


Naiadi Makkonen
Project Manager

Naiadi is our dynamic Project Manager at Metal Building Resources. From project inception to completion, Naiadi handles it all with a smile. She's your go-to for seamless coordination, clear communication, and turning dreams into reality. With a knack for detail and a tech-savvy touch, Naiadi embodies our commitment to excellence, making her an integral part of our team and your project journey."

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